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Projectronic Manufacture Component Assemblies. . .

Designed and Manufactured In-house, our automated assembly section provides a versatile and cost-effective solution to a wide range of assembly or secondary processing needs.

Dependant on the specific application, this can be in the form of custom-built machinery and equipment, or if appropriate, the re-tooling of our existing standard equipment.

With material components being purchased from an increasing range of sources, this facility presents the opportunity to use the most advantageous outsourced component parts and to bring them together locally for their final assembly, inspection or packaging or in fact any process that can be accommodated within our adaptable machine design. 

The equipment is designed as modular building blocks that can be brought together and re-tooled to encompass a broad scope of operations. This modular design is intended to achieve a competitive re-tooling cost and a quick transition from process development then through into production.

By utilising and retooling our range of existing equipment, this is intended to be a cost effective option to utilise automated operations at a fraction of the tooling and equipment cost usually associated with this type of process.

Originally created for the assembly of a range of bespoke packaging, this section has a potential for medium to large volume assembly operations.

The components to be assembled can be from any source or origin, manufactured in-house or supplied to us by the customer or any other source of the customers choosing. 

(Manufactured metal trims assembled to plastic caps, shown on complete pack for clarity only)

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