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Stores & Distribution

Pallet based stores system, which can handle pallets of

            Dimensional maximum of 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m high.

            Weight maximum of 1.5 tonnes.

A range of preferred carriers are used for our distribution requirements.


Projectronic Developments recognises the importance of the consistency and reliability of our product and our working practices and methods are intended to achieve this, sufficient to our current customers requirements.

However, looking to the future, we accept the importance of a documented structure for these quality critical operations and are therefore engaged in the process of appraising and formalising these procedures, with a view to achieving appropriate accreditation for this system.


Projectronic Developments appreciates the responsibility that we all have for the protection of the environment. Although we are always looking for ways to reduce any by-product from our operation, it is often an unavoidable situation with many production processes, however we have managed to ensure the a very large proportion of the waste produced is recycled, and we are always looking for new ways to maintain or improve on the level we achieve.


Large Access to Premises.

3 miles inside SE corner M25.

For Further Information Please Contact - sales@projectronic.co.uk

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